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Keep and quickly find your documents in a secure cloud based centralized storage. Increase productivity and save money by efficiently managing documents and automating day-to-day business processes. Learn how our customers have improved results while gaining many other benefits by automating their document management.

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Let a customized automated workflow process transform your manual paper-based documents and benefit from amazing results in record management, file management, and report generation.


Data Capture

Multiples ways to store, migrate, and archive your documents.


Improve efficiency with fast searching and retrieval of documents.


Speed up document/contract approvals through automated/scheduled routing and notifications.

Alerts & Reminders

Stay ahead of contract reviews, deadlines, outdated agreements, and expirations with alerts and reminders.


Collaborate with your contract parties anytime anywhere.


Sign unlimited documents/contracts using electronic signature.


Track document approvals through dashboards and scheduled reports.

Scan to PDF

Scan and upload your existing paper documents to transition into a paperless office.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ‐ Do more than general search. Find precisely what you need.


"PaperTracer improves communication and dataflow. PaperTracer made significant improvements in their quality of work. The use of the PaperTracer software has reduced errors in data submissions, saved time for their physicians and in data management for insurance claims processing, and reduced the phone calls about insurance information."

Testimonies of Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar Dean, Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences, National Insurance Officer, SCHC Medical Officer and SCHC Students

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