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Employee Onboarding ManagementAutomate Onboarding, Reduce PaperWork, Increase Compliance, and Securely Store Documents

Employee Onboarding Management Software | PaperTracer
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A cloud based document/record management that enables HR to automate onboarding processes, reduce paperwork, increase management of compliances, securely store sensitive documents, improve collaboration, and reduce mistakes and risks by having centralized control of employee information.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain a centralized searchable storage of employee records and documents
  • Save time and eliminate errors
  • Ensure all forms are completed, routed and authorized
  • Utilize reporting to confirm organizational and regulatory compliance
  • Quickbooks integration available

It enables you to have:

  • Simplified collection of employee information
  • Checklist to ensure nothing is missed through the onboarding and exit processes
  • Improve accountability and decrease duplicate work
  • Record employee details and keep up to date as the employee grows within the company
  • Maintain employee reviews and overall scores year after year
  • Track current and past employees
  • No charge per employee to update portions of their records
  • eSignature included and and no third party software required

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