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Store, Search, and Collaborate Documents Anytime, Anywhere Easy-to-use, customizable, and affordable document management software for businesses of all sizes

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Store and quickly find your documents in a secure cloud based centralized storage. Increase productivity and save money by efficiently managing documents and automating day-to-day business processes.

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What Our Customers Say

"PaperTracer improves communication and dataflow. PaperTracer made significant improvements in quality of work. The use of the PaperTracer software has reduced errors in data submissions, saved time for physicians and in data management for insurance claims processing, and reduced the phone calls about insurance information."

"PaperTracer was chosen because of customization, robust features, and price for this large healthcare institution in Eastern U.S.. PaperTracer created consistency in information for development of contracts, reduced the time from initiation to final execution by over 60 % and ended the problem of lost contracts and documents."

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple ways to store, migrate, and archive documents
  • Improve efficiency with fast searching and retrieval of documents
  • Simplify your document routing, reviews, and approvals
  • Easily track document updates, deadlines, versioning, and attachments thru alerts and notifications
  • Collaborate with your team anytime anywhere to accomplish more
  • Sign unlimited documents using e-signature
  • Security features and data compliance to keep your data safe
  • Robust reporting to analyze and support business decisions

Quick overview how to effectively manage your documents.